Mod X for COC , xmod
Mod X for COC
Mod X for COC
Developer: GonDev
Price: Free
  • Mod X for COC Screenshot
  • Mod X for COC Screenshot
  • Mod X for COC Screenshot
  • Mod X for COC Screenshot

Xmod is a super mobile game assistant tool with various mods based on jail broken iDevice and Android (after rooted) device.

About product positioning: Xmod is an assistant tool not a hacking tool, which helps players pursue their goals better and provide players with a better game experience.
We will not harm the game developers or ruin the game for millions of people. In other words, we will never hack gems, coins or anything about In-App Purchase. Besides, we can not change the data in the “cloud” technically and morally.

Disclaimer: To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, Xmod Team assumes no responsibility to pay any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages or request (including but not limited to being banned, personal injury damages , privacy leakage, pecuniary loss or other loss) due to your using of Xmod and its related service.Thanks for your understanding.


  • An all-round management for games, in-app launching of mods.
  • User-Friendly and Integrated UI
  • Launch Mods in One Click
  • Auto-Detection of Game List
  • NEW gadgets to enhance social interactions in games.
  • Build-in Screen Capture & Smooth HD Record
  • Forums for you to Discuss with XMG Fans
  • Notification Center to Keep you Apprised of the Latest News.
  • New Chatroom to Share Live Game Experience to the World
  • Recommend Interesting Tools to Download.
  • Super game mods, surpass your opponents
  • Forever Timely Update and Support
  • Massive Mods to Offer, Handiest Tool for Mainstream Games.
  • Multiple Features in Mods Make You Peerless Among Your Friends.
  • Epic game tools, fulfill your goal in games
  • Brand-new Lua Script Platform: Scripts to achieve 100% automation in games.
  • Accelerator in Multi-Launch: Speed up multiple apps for greater excitement!
  • Account System: Manage Lua Scripts and share opinions with ease.
  • BONUS: Multiple Languages Supported: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian & Bahasa Indonesia.

Contacting ways:

For Product Support and Feedback:
Our technicians are working on more mods to be updated and released. Please keep stay tuned on our social media platform below.
Some games you really want to mod, please tell us by filling the Feedback or mail to us:[email protected]

For Big Fan of Mod x:

If you are a big fan of Xmod, also want to devote yourself to helping us
please contact this email: [email protected]

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