MTB Downhill

MTB Downhill BMX Racer Apk is a game app where you can try to race on the mountains with your extreme off-road bicycle.  This game will fulfill your dream and you can live your dream here with the Mtb downhill BMX racing game. Many vvt mountains bikes are designed for everyone to play and enjoy this game. This is the first time in the history of mobile games when you will do the mountain biking and multiplayer racing. Try to remain alive because this game could be the dangerous drive for you and your time too. Be the first BMX rider and enjoy the ultimate exercise in this mmx BMX race. You can perform the quad and xtreme stunts when you see the obstacles and the humps in your way try to jump over them and be the winner in the world’s championship of the BMX riders. The level will start on the uphill and you have to drive downhill rush in bike racing mania and become a BMX dirt king.
This game environment is based on the mountains and many different BMX or bicycles are included in this game with the upgrade options many different levels and many BMX bikes are included in this game. Give us the suggestions and reviews for better improvements of this game. We are in wait for your response and your ideas are very valuable for us thanks.

MTB Downhill BMX Racer Apk FEATURES :

  • Race on the mountain with realistic bike physics
  • Develop and customize your bike with the money you earn
  • Different racer outfits
  • Optimized high-resolution graphics
  • playable without WiFi
  • Free to Play.
  • The feeling of playing from the head camera and biker’s eyes

User’s reviews :

The game is good but there are only ten levels in this game and it’s very easy to win every competition.This game needs some improvements

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